The White Bicycles

The White Bicycles came into Indie Kitchen for their session the day before heading off on their UK tour, at the end of 2013. They are local, Cornwall-based band, who we have been impressed with for a while, having first seen them supporting Emily and the Woods back in April 2013. They were on our original list to play when we first launched Indie Kitchen. It was good to get them in to record their session just before Christmas.

The White Bicycles comprise Matthew Howes (guitar and vocals) and Ryan Nolan (guitar), plus recent addition Jack Curnow on percussion and vocals. Their Facebook page states that they are partial to Twix Xtra – we obviously fed them cake!

Fergus the dog enjoyed their set greatly; spending much of it dropping his ball at Ryan’s feet and walking over his pedal board – great professionalism was shown by the White Bicycles in working under such difficult conditions.

Their spacious mix of delayed guitars and Matt’s vocals sounded amazing in the Kitchen – we hope you enjoy the videos.

Watch this space as we put more videos up!


The White Bicycles on iTunes

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