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We are a music management and consultancy company that specialises in artist management, physical product and merchandise supply, live and session musician provision, and arranging live sessions.

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Music Management
& Consultancy

Indie Kitchen have been involved in supporting young, up-and-coming artists for many years.

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St Catherine’s Child


Sam Brookes

Physical Product & Merchandise

It is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive for touring artists to have physical product; vinyl, CDs and merchandise ready in place in the territory where they are touring.

In partnership with our associated organisations, we specifically work with Canadian and Australian artists to have vinyl, CDs, T shirts, posters, hats and other merchandise in situ in the UK at the commencement of their tours.

Heart Collectors album cover
St Catherine's Child's album cover
Supalung's album cover
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Live Sessions from leading and up-and-coming artists.

Indie Kitchen have been filming and hosting live sessions from Number One artists and Up-and-Coming artists for over a decade.

A photo from Magi Merlin's session
A photo from Professor Green's session
A photo from CA Smiths' session
A photo from Emily and the Woods' session
A photo from JP Hoe's session
A photo from Pete Roe's session
A photo from Ward Thomas' session
A photo from St Catherine's Child's session
A photo from Sam Brooke's session
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Discover the Perfect
Live & Session Musicians,
& Producers for your project

Over the last decade touring costs have increased dramatically, however, ticket prices and artists’ income has not kept pace. It is not financially viable for most touring artists to come to the UK with their full band. We have a network of experienced, versatile live and session musicians who can be your touring band. Whether you require a guitarist, keyboard player or a full band contact us for details.

We also represent Producers and Engineers and can arrange a studio, producer and engineer to fit most budgets.

David Glover, Producer
Chris Wilkinson, Producer and Mixer
Tesla Studios

Podcast Production & Editing

The Indie Kitchen team are the creative force behind the “I Wish I Wrote That Song” Podcast. We have studio facilities to record and edit your Podcast. Alternatively, we can assist in the remote recording of your Podcast.

A photo of a podcast microphone
a room with a guitars on a guitar rack and speakers

Video Production & Editing

Indie Kitchen have been involved in the filming, editing and production of music videos for over a decade. Whether your requirement is for a live session, or full production music video, the Indie Kitchen team can put you in contact with experienced video professionals.

Live Sessions, Contact Us
Ollie Dahmen, Cinematographer

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