Laura Fletcher

Laura Fletcher hails from Totnes in Devon. She started playing live when she went to university, and put an EP, Wolf Eyes, out last year. Her mesmerising voice captivated the Indie Kitchen team. We think the session was amazing, and we are very excited to share the session with you all.

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Q. Hi Laura, welcome the Indie Kitchen. Tell us a bit about yourself

A. I am 21 years old and have been singing since before I could walk. I have been writing songs since I was nine. I have been based in Falmouth for the last three years, whilst doing my English degree. This is where I started playing open mic nights, and before long was gigging with other up and coming musicians in the Southwest of England, such as Saturday Sun and the PJP Band.

I play self-taught guitar, ukelele and basic piano and I hope to learn the banjo soon. I mostly write songs about people I know, things I am proud of, that make me happy, and things I regret and things that hurt- it tends to be a way for me to get it all out.

Q. Your songs sound like very personal affairs.

A. Yes, I like songs about everyday life, that feel real and relatable and am most influenced by those artists who don’t just know how to write a great love song but have something to say about war, religion or politics – things that matter but that people are scared to talk about. I like my songs to feel earthy and melodic. I never like to force a song, the best songs spill out naturally for me.

Q. What does the future hold for you.

A. I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be lucky enough for audiences out there to allow me to do what I love for as long as I can, and I’m prepared to give my heart and soul back!

Q. How was the Indie Kitchen experience for you?

A. Last year I played nearly 50 gigs and playing the Indie Kitchen session was one of the highlights!

Q. How were the cakes?

A. The toffee cupcakes were my favourite. I was very lucky to be given a box to take away! (Now there’s an incentive for bands to play Indie Kitchen!)

Q. Nashville Country singer, Caitlin Rose recently said that when she records her Indie Kitchen session, she wants to actually do some cooking as part of the session. What would the Flock of Bats cook?

A. I would cook garlic king prawns to start with, a butternut squash and spinach risotto or spanakopita for the main course, and the best banoffee pie ever for pudding!

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